sonicTransporter 2.5 to currect release upgrade procedure

This procedure can take quite a while if your internet is slow. Do not reboot or power off your unit until the upgrade is complete.

Go to and click manage next to the sonicTransporter you want to upgrade. Then go to apps -> Software Manager. Click the Update button and wait for it to complete. Then reboot your sonicTransporter.

Once this is complete you are ready to start the major upgrade to the currect release (2.7).

You need to manually enter the upgrade URL

http://<sonicTransporter ip>/upgrade25.php

So if your sonicTransporter IP address is then enter into your browser.

Once you enter this URL the upgrade will start. It can take quite a long time. Wait for it to finish!

Once it’s done reboot your sonicTransporter. Some other packages will need to be readjusted so wait about 20 minutes before continuing.

The file shares will need to be rebuilt. Go into Settings and then System settings and press Save changes.

At this point you can use your sonicTransporter normally.